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Your few minutes may help a number of helpless children.

Driven by the ills of this society, especially in the education sector, I have taken an initiative to develop a small school in a kachhi abaadi for under-privileged students to offer them low cost to free education. I believe it is our responsibility as a society, as a nation, and more than anything, as humans to recognize and rectify the problems which have plagued the lives of many people in this country especially by denying them a right to learn. Sad enough, this error stems out of not lack of interest in learning, but rather due to lack of financial resources to purchase the lessons being sold these days!

Belonging to a middle-class family, I have only been able to run this school for three years with the resources I could gather. The school named ˜The Mentors Academy" is greatly in need of more funds to sustain the current education standards which even now are at the bare minimum. With a current strength of 25 students and 6 staff members, the quality of education offered here is unfortunately not up to par. To make it locally recognized and vastly effective, more funds need to be invested in this project to offer at least the very basic necessities required to fulfil the promises of a healthy learning environment such as sanitation, furniture, staff, rent and course material. Therefore I urge you to donate as much as you can to prevent these innocent children from moving back to a life of ignorance.

Details of the school account are listed below for interested donors:
Bank: National Bank Of Pakistan
Branch code: 0064
Account Name: The Mentors Academy
Account Number: 002599-0
IBAN Number: PK51 NBPA 0064 0022 0002 5990

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Address: 2-G, 7/7, Safia Manzil, Nazimabad no. 2, Karachi, Pakistan


Phone No: 0313 1242696